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蔡琥 6/通讯 Selective  Phosphoramidation and Phosphonation of Benzoxazoles via Sequence Control 2017 Organic letters
蔡琥 7/通讯 The Narrowest Band  Gap Ever Observed in Molecular Ferroelectrics: Hexane-1,6-diammonium  Pentaiodobismuth(III) 2017 Angewandte Chemie,  International Edition
蔡琥 5/通讯 Syntheses,  characterization and optical properties of three organic-inorganic hybrid  compounds based on metal chlorides and benzothiazole 2017 Wuji Huaxue Xuebao
蔡琥 6/通讯 Reversible  solid-state thermochromism of a 2D organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite  structure based on iodoplumbate and 2-aminomethyl-pyridine 2017 New Journal of  Chemistry
蔡琥 7/通讯 Rapid, practical and  efficient synthesis of enol phosphates from β-keto esters and phosphites 2017 Youji Huaxue
蔡琥 6/通讯 Iodine catalyzed  Kabachnik-Fields reaction of trialkyl phosphites:facile access to benzoxazine  containing phosphorus 2017 Youji Huaxue
曹迁永 4 一种三足蒽**化合物的合成及其对汞离子荧光识别 2017 Chin. J. Org. Chem.  2017, 37, 185?189
曹迁永 4 降冰片烯荧光**化合物的合成及其金属离子识别 2017 Chin. J. Org. Chem.  2017, 624~629
曹迁永 4 PEG修饰蒽化合物纯水相荧光识别Hg2+及Cys 2017 J. Org. Chem. 2017,  37, 1443-1449
曹迁永 3 A pyrenyl-appended  organogel for fluorescence sensing of anions 2017 Dyes Pigments 139  (2017) 681?687
曹迁永 5 A self-assembled  amphiphilic imidazolium-based ATP probe 2017 Chem. Commun., 2017,  53, 4342—4345
曹迁永 6 Pyrophosphate-triggered  nanoaggregates with aggregation-inducedemission,
Sensors and Actuators  B 251 (2017) 617–623
曹迁永 4 Fluorescent  triazolium for sensing fluoride anions in semi-aqueous solution
RSC Adv., 2017, 7,  43950–43956
曹树稳 第五 Molecular docking and  QSAR analyses of aromatic heterocycle thiosemicarbazone analogues for finding  novel tyrosinase inhibitors 75 (2017) 106–117 Bioorganic Chemistry
曹树稳 第五 Combining molecular  docking and QSAR studies for modeling the anti-tyrosinase activity of  aromatic heterocycle thiosemicarbazone analogues 1151(2018)353-365 Journal of Molecular  Structure
陈超 6 Salen(Co(III))  imprisoned within pores of a metal– organic framework by post-synthetic  modification and its asymmetric catalysis for CO2 fixation at
room temperature
2017 Chem.Comm. 2017, 53,  10930
陈超 8 Hollow Pd/MOF  Nanosphere with Double Shells as Multifunctional Catalyst for Hydrogenation  Reaction 2017 Small,2017,1701395
陈超 5 The fixation of  carbon dioxide with epoxides catalyzed by cationexchanged metal-organic  framework 2018 Microporous and  Mesoporous Materials 258 (2018) 55
陈超 3 UTSA-16 as an  efficient microporous catalyst for CO2 conversion to cyclic carbonates 2017 Microporous and  Mesoporous Materials 241 (2017) 36
陈超 4 Cr-MIL-101-NH2   王萍萍的手性后合成修饰 2017 无机化学学报, 2017, 33, 817
陈义旺 5* Nucleation and  Crystallization Control via Polyurethane to Enhance the Bendability of  Perovskite Solar Cells with Excellent Device Performance 2017 Adv. Funct. Mater. 27  (41), 1703061 (1-9) (2017)
陈义旺 6* Non-Halogenated  Solvent-Processed Single-Junction Polymer Solar Cells with 9.91% Efficiency  and Improved Photostability 2017 Nano Energy 41, 27-34  (2017)
陈义旺 7* Room Temperature  Processed Polymers for High-Efficient Polymer Solar Cells with Power  Conversion Efficiency over 9% 2017 Nano Energy 37, 32-39  (2017)
陈义旺 6* Multi-Cl Substituted  Self-Assembled Molecules as Anode Interlayers: Tuning Surface Properties and  Humidity-stability for Organic Photovoltaics 2017 ACS Appl. Mater.  Interfaces 9 (10), 9204-9212 (2017)
陈义旺 6* Novel Copolymers  Based Tetrafluorobenzene and Difluorobenzothiadiazole for Organic Solar Cells  with Prominent Open Circuit Voltage and Stability 2017 Macromol. Rapid  Commun. 38 (3), 1600556 (1-7) (2017)
陈义旺 7* Highly and  Homogeneously Conductive Conjugated Polyelectrolyte Hole Transport Layer for  Efficient Organic Solar Cells 2017 J. Mater. Chem. A 5  (28), 14689-14696 (2017)
陈义旺 5* A Pinecone-inspired  Hierarchical Vertically-aligned Nanosheet Arrays Electrode for  High-Performance Asymmetric Supercapacitors 2017 J. Mater. Chem. A 5  (44), 23349-23360 (2017)
陈义旺 8* Crystallization and  Conformation Engineering of Solution-process Polymer Transparent Electrodes  with High Conductivity 2017 J. Mater. Chem. C 5  (2), 382-389 (2017)
陈义旺 4* Synergistic Effect of  Processing Additives and Thermal Annealing in Organic Solar Cells: the  Morphology of Magic 2017 Phys. Chem. Chem.  Phys. 19 (16), 10581-10589 (2017)
陈义旺 7* Fluorinated Reduced  Graphene Oxide as an Efficient Hole Transport Layer for Efficient and Stable  Polymer Solar Cells 2017 ACS Omega 2 (5),  2010-2016 (2017)
陈义旺 13* Indium-Free  Perovskite Solar Cells Enabled by Impermeable Tin-Oxide Electron Extraction  Layers 2017 Adv. Mater. 29 (27),  1606656 (1-9) (2017)
陈玉凤 1 Study on structure  and fluorescence of Tb-doped CaAl LDHs
prepared in ethanol/water system
2017, 81:413–422 Journal of Sol-Gel  Science and Technology
陈玉凤 1 ExcellentgreenemissionofTb3?  incorporatedinMgAl–NO3 layered
double hydroxidessystem
2017,181,71–77 Journal of  Luminescence
陈玉凤 1 Tunable light  emission of amorphous Eu3+/Tb3+ co-doped MgAl-hydroxide
salts depending on phase transition
2017,478,41–49 Journal of Non-Crystalline  Solids
陈玉凤 2,通讯编辑 Structure and  photoluminescence of a new binary Mg/Tb layered double hydroxides 2017,150,184–191 Applied Clay Science
陈玉凤 1 Structure and  photoluminescence of a novel red-emitting
phosphor Ca12Al14-xEuxO32Cl2 prepared by phase transition
2017,53,993–1000 Journal of Australian  Ceramic Society
陈玉凤 1 Study on a Novel  Binary ZnnEu
Layered Double Hydroxide
with Excellent Fluorescence
2017,DOI  10.1007/s10895-017-2188-x Journal of  Fluorescence
陈玉凤 1 Intercalation of  cytosine into Eu3+
?doped hydrocalumite and their
fluorescent responses
2017,14,2417–2426 Journal of the  Iranian Chemical Society
陈玉凤 1 Study on a new green  phosphor Ca12Al14O32Cl2: Tb3? derived from
Tb-doped Ca-Al layered double hydroxide
2017,17,78-84 Current Applied  Physics
陈玉凤 1 Study on hybrization  of Tb3+-doped CaAl layered
double hydroxides and tryptophan
2017,43,4907–4921 Research on Chemical  Intermediates
谌烈 通讯 N-type Conjugated  Electrolytes Cathode Interlayer with Thickness-insensitivity for Highly  Efficient Organic Solar Cells 2017 J. Mater. Chem. A
谌烈 通讯 N-Type Self-Doping of Fluorinate Conjugated  Polyelectrolytes for Polymer Solar Cells: Modulation of Dipole, Morphology  and Conductivity 2017 ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces
谌烈 通讯 Random copolymers  containing tetrafluorophenylene unit with deep HOMO energy levels for solar  cell applications
Synth. Met
谌烈 通讯 Self-assembled  Diblock Conjugated Polyelectrolytes as Electron Transport Layers for Organic  Photovoltaics
RSC Advances
谌烈 通讯 Alternating Terpolymers Based on Tunable  Bi-donors with Manipulating Energy Levels and Molecular Geometry
Chem. Res. Chin.  Univ.
谌烈 通讯 Optimization of  Perovskite by 3D Twisted Diketopyrrolopyrrole for Efficient Perovskite Solar  Cells
Mater. Chem. Front.
邓锋杰 通讯编辑 Preparation of water  soluble and biocompatible AIE-active fluorescent organic nanoparticles via  multicomponent reaction and their biological imaging capability 2017 Chemical Engineering  Journal
邓锋杰 通讯编辑 Fabrication and  biological imaging of polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane cross-linked  fluorescent polymeric nanoparticles with aggregation-induced emission feature 2017 Applied Surface  Science
方修忠 第一编辑 Ni Supported on  LaFeO3 Perovskites for Methane Steam Reforming: On the Promotional Effects of  Plasma Treatment in H2-Ar Atmosphere 2017 Topics In Catalysis
郭生梅 通讯 Metal-free  phosphonation of benzoxazoles and benzothiazoles under oxidative conditions 2017 Organic Chemistry  Frontiers
郭生梅 通讯 Copper-Catalyzed C-2  and C-3 Phosphonation of Benzofuran and Benzothiophene with Trialkyl  Phosphite. 2017 ChemCatChem
郭瑛 1 The combination of  NIR spectroscopy and HPLC chromatography for differentiating lotus seed  cultivars and quantitative prediction of four main constituents in lotus with  the aid of chemometrics
ANALYTICAL METHODS 卷:   9 期: 45 页: 6420-6429 出版年
胡昱 1 Facile Approach to Perylenemonoimide with  Short Side Chains for Nonfullerene Solar Cells 2017 J. Org. Chem.
胡昱 5 半全氟烷基修饰的可溶萘酰亚胺类共轭聚合物的合成及表征 2017 高分子学报
黄鹏程 共同通讯编辑 Colorimetric  detection of tyrosinase during the synthesis of kojic acid/silver  nanoparticles under illumination 2017 Sensors and Actuators  B
黄鹏程 第一编辑 A highly selective  turn-on fluorescent probe for Al3+ in aqueous solution based on quinoline  Schiff-base 2017 Methods and  Applications in Fluorescence
黄鹏程 第一编辑 Ultrasensitive  turn-on fluorescence detection of Cu2+ based on p-dimethylaminobenzamide  derivative and the application to cell imaging 2017 Spectrochimica Acta  Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscop
黄鹏程 共同通讯编辑 Gold-platinum  bimetallic nanoclusters with enhanced peroxidase-like activity and their  integrated agarose hydrogel-based sensing platform for the colorimetric  analysis of glucose level in serum 2017 Analyst
黄鹏程 通讯编辑 Highly selective  colorimetric detection of Ni2+ using silver nanoparticles cofunctionalized  with adenosine monophosphate and sodium dodecyl sulfonate 2017 Journal of  Nanoparticle Research
黄鹏程 共同通讯编辑 Cu2+-mediated turn-on  fluorescene assay for sulfide ions using glutathione-protected gold  nanoclusters: enhanced sensitivity, good reusability, and cell imaging 2017 New Journal of  Chemistry
居艳 第一 用化学实验提高学生学习兴趣 2017年 中国教育学刊(教改权威核心论文)
乐治平 通讯编辑(研究生第一) Glycoengineering and  glycosite-specific labeling of serum IgGs from various species 2017,449: 32-39 Carbohydrate Research
乐治平 通讯编辑(研究生第一) ZnCl2溶液中微波辅助SnCl4催化纤维素制备5-HMF 2017,45(3):317-322 燃料化学学报
乐治平 通讯编辑(研究生第一) 微波下氯化镍催化纤维素制备五羟甲基糠醛 2017,39(5):539-542 化学试剂
乐治平 通讯编辑(研究生第一) 山药废弃物制备可降解液体地膜及其性能研究 2017,(3):581-586 江西农业大学学报
李东平 4,通讯 A New Tetranuclear  Cubane-like Ni(II) Complex Based on Schiff-base Ligand: Synthesis,  CrystalStructure and Magnetic Properties
2017 Chinese J. Struct.  Chem.2017,2,273-279
李来生 通讯编辑 Preparation and  evaluation of a novel N-benzyl-phenethylamino-beta-cyclodextrin-bonded chiral  stationary phase for HPLC,  Talanta,  2017,174179-191 2017 Talant,2017,174:179-191
李来生 通讯编辑 衍生化β-环糊精液相色谱手性固定相拆分和测定人体血浆中卡维地洛对映体 2017 南昌大学学报(理科版),2017,41(1):77-82
李永绣 5(通讯) P507-煤油萃取稀土过程有机相损失及硫酸铝混凝法从萃余水相除油 2017 稀土
李永绣 3(通讯)低浓度硫酸铵对离子吸附型稀土的浸取动力学研究 低浓度硫酸铵对离子吸附性稀土的浸取动力学研究 2017 稀土
李越湘 1 Oriented  growth of ZnIn2S4/In(OH)3 heterojunction by a facilehydrothermal  transformation for efficient photocatalytic H2 production. 2017 Applied  Catalysis B: Environmental, 2017, 206: 726–733.
李越湘 2 Template-free  synthesis of hollow Ni/reduced
graphene oxide composite for efficient H2 evolution.
2017 Journal of Materials  Chemistry A, 2017, 5: 13072-13078.
李越湘 2 Y2O3负载金属Cu在催化甲醛水溶液制氢反应中的Y2O3载体效应 2017 高等学校化学学报, 2017,  38(10): 1841-1849.
李越湘 3 聚乙烯醇对光还原Ni2+制备纳米Ni性能及染料敏化制氢的影响 2017 分子催化, 2017, 31(2):  181-187.
李志美 第一 Enhancement in  catalytic proton reduction by an internal base in a diiron pentacarbonyl  complex: its synthesis, characterisation, inter-conversion and  electrochemical investigation 2017 Dalton Trans.
李志美 第一 8-Hydroxy Quinoline  Derivatives as Auxiliary Ligands for Red-Emitting Cyclic-Platinum  Phosphorescent Complexes: Synthesis and Properties 2017 Helv. Chim. Acta
李志美 第一 The colorimetric  assay of DNA methyltransferase activity based on strand displacement  amplification 2017 Sensors and Actuators  B
梁汝萍 通讯编辑 Direct fluorescence  detection of microRNA based on enzymatically engineered primer extension  poly-thymine (EPEPT) reaction using copper nanoparticles as nano-dye 2017 Biosensors and  Bioelectronics
梁汝萍 通讯编辑 Highly sensitive  voltammetric determination of arsenite by exploiting arsenite-induced  conformational change of ssDNA and the electrochemical indicator Methylene  Blue 2017 Microchimica Acta
林森 5(*) NaI-Mediated  Acetamidosulfenylation of Alkenes with Bunte Salts as Thiolating Reagent  Leading to β-Acetamido Sulfides. 2017 Synlett
林森 5(*) Three-component  difunctionalization of alkenes leading to β?acetamido sulfides and   β?acetoxysulfides. 2017 Organic &  Biomolecular Chemistry
林小云 第一,通讯 Electrochemical  detection of DNA damage induced
by clenbuterol at a reduced graphene oxide-Nafion
modified glassy carbon electrode
2017 Analytical Methods
林小云 第一,通讯 Nano-composite of  Co3O4 and Cu with enhanced
stability and catalytic performance for nonenzymatic
electrochemical glucose sensors
2017 RSC Advances
刘美英 第一编辑 Photo-induced surface  grafting of phosphorylcholine containing copolymers onto mesoporous silica  nanoparticles for controlled drug delivery 2017 Materials Science and  Engineering: C
刘美英 第一编辑 Surface grafting of  zwitterionic polymers onto dye doped AIE-active luminescent silica  nanoparticles through surface-initiated ATRP for biological imaging  applications 2017 Applied Surface  Science
刘美英 第一编辑 Facile fabrication of  luminescent polymeric nanoparticles containing dynamic linkages via a one-pot  multicomponent reaction: Synthesis, aggregation-induced emission and  biological imaging 2017 Materials Science and  Engineering: C
刘美英 通讯编辑 A powerful “one-pot”   tool for fabrication of AIE-active luminescent organic nanoparticles through  the combination of RAFT polymerization and multicomponent reactions 2017 Materials Chemistry  Frontiers
刘美英 第一编辑 Recent progress and  development on polymeric nanomaterials for photothermal therapy: a brief  overview 2017 Journal of Materials  Chemistry B
刘美英 第一编辑 Fabrication of water  dispersible and biocompatible AIE-active fluorescent polymeric nanoparticles  through a “one-pot” Mannich reaction 2017 Polymer Chemistry
刘美英 第一编辑 Recent Advances and  Future Prospects of Aggregation‐induced Emission Carbohydrate Polymers 2017 Macromolecular Rapid  Communications
刘美英 通讯编辑 Facile Fabrication of  AIE-Active Fluorescent Polymeric Nanoparticles with Ultra-Low Critical  Micelle Concentration Based on Ce(IV) Redox Polymerization for Biological  Imaging Applications 2017 Macromolecular Rapid  Communications
刘美英 第一编辑 Polymerizable  aggregation-induced emission dye for preparation of cross-linkable  fluorescent nanoprobes with ultra-low critical micelle concentrations 2017 Materials Science and  Engineering: C
刘美英 第一编辑 Surface grafting of  Eu3 + doped luminescent hydroxyapatite nanomaterials through metal  free light initiated atom transfer radical polymerization for theranostic  applications 2017 Materials Science and  Engineering: C
刘美英 第一编辑 Surface  functionalized SiO2 nanoparticles with cationic polymers via the  combination of mussel inspired chemistry and surface initiated atom transfer  radical polymerization: Characterization and enhanced removal of organic dye 2017 Journal of Colloid  and Interface Science
刘美英 第一编辑 Preparation and  controlled drug delivery applications of mesoporous silica polymer  nanocomposites through the visible light induced surface-initiated ATRP 2017 Applied Surface  Science
刘美英 第一编辑 Surface PEGylation of  mesoporous silica materials via surface-initiated chain transfer free radical  polymerization: Characterization and controlled drug release 2017 Materials Science and  Engineering: C
刘文明 通讯编辑 Synthesis of a Highly  Active and Stable Nickel-Embedded Alumina Catalyst for Methane Dry Reforming:  On the Confinement Effects of Alumina Shells for Nickel Nanoparticles 2017 ChemCatChem
刘艳珠 1 A facile strategy for  fabrication of aggregation-induced emission (AIE) active fluorescent  polymeric nanoparticles (FPNs) via post modification of synthetic polymers  and their cell imaging. 2017 Materials Science and  Engineering C
刘艳珠 2(通讯) Hydrothermal  synthesis and crystal structure of (C6H5N2)(FeBr4) 2017 Rev. Roum. Chim.
彭洪根 通讯编辑 Nickel nanoparticles  embedded in mesopores of AlSBA-15 with a perfect peasecod-like structure: A  catalyst with superior sintering resistance and hydrothermal stability for  methane dry reforming 2018 Applied Catalysis B:  Environmental
彭洪根 通讯编辑 Enhanced toluene  combustion performance over Pt loaded hierarchical porous MOR zeolite 2018 Chemical Engineering  Journal
彭荣鹏 第一编辑 A beryllium-selective  microcantilever sensor modi?ed with benzo-9-crown-3 functionalized polymer  brushes 2017 Analytical Methods
彭绍琴 1 Efficient and stable  photocatalytic hydrogen evolution from alkaline formaldehyde solution over  Cd0.5Zn0.5S solid solution under visible light irradiation. 2017 Journal of Photonics  Energy, 2017, 7(1), 016503
彭绍琴 1 应用型本科院校技能创新型人才培养教学模式探讨一以《无机化学》为例 2017 职教论坛
齐海霞 4 通讯编辑 Polyimides from an  Asymmetric Hydroxyl-Containing Aliphatic-Aromatic
Diamine Synthesized via Henry Reaction
2017 Journal of Polymer  Sciences Part A: Polymer Chemistry
邱建丁 通讯编辑 A Novel Luminescent  Lanthanide Coordination Polymer Based on Energy Transfer from Metal to Metal  for Hydrogen Peroxide Detection 2017 Biosensors and  Bioelectronics
邱建丁 通讯编辑 Simple and Highly  Selective Detection of Arsenite Based on the Assembly-Induced Fluorescence  Enhancement of DNA Quantum Dots 2017 Biosensors and  Bioelectronics
邱建丁 通讯编辑 Simultaneously  electrochemical detection of microRNAs based on multifunctional magnetic  nanoparticles probe coupling with hybridization chain reaction 2017 Biosensors and  Bioelectronics
邱建丁 通讯编辑 Computational  prediction of species-specific malonylation sites via enhanced characteristic  strategy 2017 Bioinformatics
邱建丁 通讯编辑 Highly Selective  Detection of Disulfenylated Proteins through a Dimedone-Based Fluorescent  Probe and Application in Living Cells 2017 Sensors &  Actuators: B. Chemical
邱建丁 通讯编辑 The Colorimetric  Assay of DNA Methyltransferase Activity Based on Strand Displacement  Amplification 2017 Sensors &  Actuators: B. Chemical
邱建丁 通讯编辑 Bio-dots  assembly-induced aggregation of gold nanoparticles for highly sensitive and  selective colorimetric detection of methionine 2017 Sensors &  Actuators: B. Chemical
邱建丁 通讯编辑 Computing prediction  and functional analysis of prokaryotic propionylation 2017 Journal of Chemical  Information and Modeling
邱建丁 通讯编辑 基于稀土离子介导石墨烯量子点荧光开关的凝血酶生物传感器 2017 分析化学
邱萍 通讯编辑 A highly Sensitive,  dual-signal assay based on rhodamine B covered silver nanoparticles for  carbamate pesticides. 2017 Chinese Chemical  Letters
邱萍 通讯编辑 Graphene  oxide-supported gold nanocomposites for highly sensitive sandwich  immunosensor for ɑ-fetoprotein detection. 2017 Indian Jounal of  Chemistry
邱萍 通讯编辑 高灵敏甲胎蛋白夹心免疫传感器的制备 2017 分析化学
邱萍 通讯编辑 An on-off-on gold nanocluster-based  fluorescent probe for sensitive detection of organophosphorus pesticides. 2017 RSC Advants
谈利承 9* Large-Scale  Stretchable Semi-Embedded Copper Nanowires Transparent Conductive Films by  Electrospinning Template 2017 ACS Appl. Mater.  Interfaces 9 (31), 26468-26475 (2017)
谈利承 6* Self-encapsulated Semi-transparent  Perovskite Solar Cells with Water-soaked Stability and Metal-free Electrode 2017 Org. Electron. 48,  308-313 (2017)
谈利承 8* Effective Network  Formation of PEDOT by in-situ Polymerization Using Novel Organic Template and  Nanocomposite Supercapacitor 2017 Electrochim. Acta  247, 871-879 (2017)
田建文 通讯编辑 Fabrication of  multifunctional fluorescent organic nanoparticles with AIE feature through  photo-initiated RAFT polymerization 2017 Polymer Chemistry
田建文 通讯编辑 Synthesis and cell  imaging applications of amphiphilic AIE-active poly (amino acid) s 2017 Materials Science and  Engineering: C
万益群 通讯编辑 Simultaneous  determination of 4-hydroxyphenyl lactic acid, 4-hydroxyphenyl acetic acid,  and 3,4-hydroxyphenyl propionic acid in human urine by ultra-high performance  liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection. Journal of Separation  Science, 2017, 40(10): 2117-2122. 2017 Journal of Separation  Science
万益群 通讯编辑 Ultrasonic-assisted  Kabachnik-Fields reaction for rapid fabrication of AIE-active fluorescent  organic nanoparticles 2017 UltrasonicsSonochemistry
万益群 通讯编辑 Determination of  4-hydroxyphenyllactic Acid in Human Urine by Magnetic Solid-Phase Extraction  and High-Performance Anion-Exchange Chromatography with Fluorescence  Detection 2017 Analytical Letters
万益群 通讯编辑 气相色谱-质谱法分析乳腺癌患者血清中的代谢物 2017 分析科学学报
万益群 第一编辑 Surface-binding  through polyfunction groups of Rhodamine B oncomposite surface and its high  performance photodegradationYiqun 2016 Applied Surface  Science
万益群 通讯编辑 Simultaneous  determination of nine plant growth regulators in navel oranges by liquid  chromatography-Triple quadrupole Tandem mass 2016 Food Analytical  Methods
王翔 通讯编辑 Ag supported on  meso-structured SiO2 with different morphologies for CO oxidation: On the  inherent factors influencing the activity of Ag catalysts 2017 Microporous And  Mesoporous Materials
王翔 通讯编辑 Modifying the Surface  of gamma-Al2O3 with Y2Sn2O7 Pyrochlore: Monolayer Dispersion Behaviour of  Composite Oxides 2017 Chemphyschem
王翔 通讯编辑 La-doped Pt/TiO2 as  an efficient Catalyst for room temperarure oxidation of low concentration  HCHO 2017 Chinese Journal of  Catalysis
王翔 通讯编辑 SnO2 nano-rods  promoted by In, Cr and Al cations for toluene total oxidation: The impact of  oxygen property and surface acidity on the catalytic activity 2017 Applied Surface  Science
王翔 通讯编辑 One-Pot Facile  Fabrication of Multiple Nickel Nanoparticles Confined in Microporous Silica  Giving a Multiple-Cores@Shell Structure as a Highly Efficient Catalyst for  Methane Dry Reforming 2017 ChemCatChem
王翔 通讯编辑 Facile Hydrothermal  Synthesis of Sn-Mn Mixed Oxide Nano-rods with Exposed (110) Facets and  Remarkable Catalytic Performance 2017 Chemistryselect
王翔 通讯编辑 Ni/Ln(2)Zr(2)O(7) (Ln  = La, Pr, Sm and Y) catalysts for methane steam reforming: the effects of A  site replacement 2017 Catalysis Science  & Technology
王翔 通讯编辑 Mesoporous high  surface area NiO synthesized with soft templates: Remarkable for catalytic  CH4 deep oxidation 2017 Molecular Catalysis
王学文 1 Noble metal-free  Cd1-xZnxS-Zn1-yCdyS heterostructures for stable and
highly effective photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
2017 Journal of Alloys and  Compounds
王学文 2 Bi2S3?Nanowire-Sensitized  BiVO4 Sheets for Enhanced Visible-Light
Photoelectrochemical Activities
2017 The Journal of  Physical Chemistry C
王学文 7 Molybdenum-doped ZnS  sheets with dominant {1 1 1} facets for
enhanced visible light photocatalytic activities
2017 Journal of Colloid  and Interface Science
王学文 2 Synthesis of  cobalt-doped ZnO/rGO nanoparticles with visible-light photocatalytic activity  through a cobalt-induced electrochemical method 2017 Journal of Energy  Chemistry
王勇 第一/通讯 One-Pot Aqueous  Synthesis of Nucleoside-Templated Fluorescent Copper Nanoclusters and Their  Application for Discrimination of Nucleosides 2017 ACS Applied Materials &  Interfaces
王勇 第三/通讯 Cytidine-protected  Copper Nanoclusters as a Novel Fluorescent Probe for the Detection of  Dichromate Anion 2017 Chemical Journal of  Chinese Universities-Chinese
王勇 通讯 面向国家需求和科学前沿的“高等分析化学”研究生课程的建设与实施 2017 化学教育
魏俊超 5 Antibacterial Zinc  Oxide hybrid with gelatin coating 2017 Materials Science and  Engineering C
魏俊超 3 Graphene  Oxide-Graft-Poly(L-lactide)/Poly(L-lactide) Nanocomposites: Mechanical and  Thermal Properties 2017 polymers
魏俊超 5 Biomimetics-Assisted  Self-Assembly of Co3O4 on Carbon Fibers for Flexible Supercapacitors 2017 ChemElectroChem.
魏俊超 6 Preparation of silver  coated poly(L-lactide) nanofiber membranes via the combination of  mussel-inspired approach and layer-by-layer assembly method 2017 Journal of Controlled  Release
魏俊超 4 Composite scaffold  with gradient content of simvastatin for enhanced large cranial defect repair 2017 Journal of Controlled  Release
魏振宏 通讯 The influence of  stoichiometry on the structure and fluorescence of two organic-inorganic  hybrid complexes incorporating of 2-(2-aminoethyl)-1-methylpyrrolidine  and lead iodide 2017 Journal of Solid  State Chemistry
魏振宏 通讯 Two coordinated  geometries of Mn2+ ions in one single molecule: Organic-inorganic hybrids  constructed with tris(2-aminoethyl)amine and manganese halide and  fluorescent properties 2017 Polyhedron
温远庆 通讯编辑 Direct encapsulation  of AIE-active dye with β cyclodextrin terminated polymers: Self-assembly and  biological imaging 2017 Materials Science and  Engineering: C
温远庆 通讯编辑 Fabrication of  AIE-active fluorescent organic nanoparticles through one-pot supramolecular  polymerization and their biological imaging 2017 Journal of the Taiwan  Institute of Chemical Engineers
温远庆 通讯编辑 Microwave-assisted  multicomponent reactions for rapid synthesis of AIE-active fluorescent  polymeric nanoparticles by post-polymerization method 2017 Materials Science and  Engineering: C
温远庆 通讯编辑 Surface modification  and drug delivery applications of MoS 2 nanosheets with polymers through the  combination of mussel inspired chemistry and SET-LRP 2017 Journal of the Taiwan  Institute of Chemical Engineers
温远庆 通讯编辑 Preparation of  polyethylene polyamine@ tannic acid encapsulated MgAl-layered double  hydroxide for the efficient removal of copper (II) ions from aqueous solution 2017 Journal of the Taiwan  Institute of Chemical Engineers
温远庆 通讯编辑 Synthesis and  bioimaging of biodegradable red fluorescent organic nanoparticles with  aggregation-induced emission characteristics 2017 Journal of Colloid  and Interface Science
温远庆 通讯编辑 Direct surface  grafting of mesoporous silica nanoparticles with phospholipid  choline-containing copolymers through chain transfer free radical  polymerization and their controlled drug delivery 2017 Journal of Colloid  and Interface Science
温远庆 通讯编辑 Facile preparation of  MoS 2 based polymer composites via mussel inspired chemistry and their high  efficiency for removal of organic dyes 2017 Applied Surface  Science
温远庆 通讯编辑 The one-step  acetalization reaction for construction of hyperbranched and biodegradable  luminescent polymeric nanoparticles with aggregation-induced emission feature 2017 Materials Science and  Engineering: C
温远庆 通讯编辑 A new strategy for  fabrication of water dispersible and biodegradable fluorescent organic  nanoparticles with AIE and ESIPT characteristics and their utilization for  bioimaging 2017 Talanta
吴芳英 通讯编辑 Cetylpyridinium  chloride functionalized silica-coated magnetite microspheres for the  solid-phase extraction and pre-concentration of ochratoxin A from  environmental water samples with high-performance liquid chromatographic  analysis 2017 Journal of Separation  Science
吴芳英 通讯编辑 Fe3O4 Magnetic  Nanoparticles Modified with Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate for Removal of Basic  Orange 21 and Basic Orange 22 from Complex Food Samples with High-Performance  Liquid Chromatographic Analysis 2017 Food Analytical  Methods
吴芳英 通讯编辑 Specific pH effect  for selective colorimetric assay of glutathione using anti-aggregation of  label-free gold nanoparticles 2017 RSC Advances
吴芳英 通讯编辑 Colorimetric  detection of glutathione in cells based on peroxidase-like activity of gold  nanoclusters: A promising powerful tool for identifying cancer cells 2017 Analytica Chimica  Acta
吴芳英 通讯编辑 Highly selective and  sensitive detection of heparin based on competition-modulated assembly and  disassembly of fluorescent gold nanoclusters 2017 New Journal of  Chemistry
肖卫明 6(通讯) 二苯基膦功能化氧化石墨烯配位固载钯催化Heck偶联反应 2017 高等学校化学学报
吁霁 通讯 CTAB辅助二次水热法合成o-LiMnO2微米棒及其电化学性能 2017 南昌大学学报工科版
吁霁 通讯编辑 Simultaneous  electrospinning and electrospraying:fabrication of a carbon  nanofibre/MnO/reduced graphene oxide thin film as a high-performance anode  for lithium-ion batteries 2017 chemelectrochem
徐飞高 1 The use of CTAB as an  addition of DAP for improvement resisting acid rain on limestone 2017 APPLIED SURFACE  SCIENCE2
徐飞高 1 Modification of  HBA/D230 Polymer for Stone Protection 2017 JOURNAL OF POLYMERS  AND THE 3
徐香兰 通讯编辑 CO oxidation on PdO  catalysts with perfect and defective rutile-TiO2 as supports: Elucidating the  role of oxygen vacancy in support by DFT calculations 2017 Applied Surface  Science
严兆华 第5(通讯编辑) 2-氨基-9-(3-乙酰氧甲基丁基)嘌呤的合成 2017 南昌大学学报 理科版 2017, 41(3),  225-229.
严兆华 第1(通讯编辑) 全氟烷基磺酰氟应用与1,3-二羰基化合物
2017 有机化学 2017, 37, 196-202.
严兆华 第3(通讯编辑) Perfluoroalkanosulfonyl  fluoride-assisted Atherton-Todd-like reaction of diphenylphosphine oxide with  alcohols under air generating diphenylphosphinate esters 2017 Tetrahedron Lett.  2017, 58(36), 3489-3492
严兆华 第2(非通讯编辑) NaI-mediated
acetamidosulfenylation of alkenes with Bunte salts as thiolating reagent  leading to beta-acetamido sulfides
2017 Synlett 2017, 28(10), 1195-1200
严兆华 第3(非通讯编辑) Three-component  difunctionalization of alkenes leading to beta-acetamido sulfides and  beta-acetoxy sulfides 2017 Org. Biomol. Chem.  2017, 15(9), 1998-2002
杨震宇 通讯编辑 A flexible core-shell carbon layer MnO  nanofiber thin film via host-guest interaction: Construction,  characterization, and electrochemical performances 2017 Carbon
杨震宇 通讯编辑 A facile  electrospinning and electrospraying synchronization technique for preparation  of high performance MnO/C@rGO composite anodes for lithium storage 2017 RSC Advances
杨震宇 通讯编辑 Intermolecular  Interaction for Binary Mixtures of Propylene Carbonate with Acetonitrile,  Dimethyl Carbonate, Diethyl Carbonate at Different Temperatures: Density and  Viscosity 2017 Z.Phys. Chem.
杨震宇 通讯编辑 MnO/C自支撑复合纳米纤维膜的制备及其电化学性能 2017 南昌大学学报
杨震宇 通讯编辑 四乙基四氟硼酸铵在乙腈溶液中的热膨胀性质及黏度行为 2017 南昌大学学报
余燕影 第三 Novel  Inhibitors of Tyrosinase Produced by the 4-substitution of TCT (П) 2017(103): 1096-1106 International  Journal of Biological Macromolecules
袁凯 1 2D Heterostructures  Derived from MoS2-Templated, Cobalt-Containing Conjugated Microporous Polymer  Sandwiches for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction and Electrochemical Energy  Storage 2017 ChemElectroChem
袁凯 1 Nitrogen-doped Porous  Carbon/Graphene Nanosheets Derived from Two-Dimensional Conjugated  Microporous Polymer Sandwiches with Promising Capacitive Performance 2017 Mater. Chem. Front.
袁凯 6 Facile In Situ  Approach to Ion Gel Based Polymer Electrolyte for Flexible Lithium Batteries 2017 RSC Adv.
张宁 第四/共同通讯 A protector-free  one-pot strategy to synthesize highly dispersed Pd hydrogenation catalysts in  a broad loading range on polystyrene 2017 RSC  Advances(JCR化学大类88)
张宁 第一/共同通讯 Notable in situ  surface transformation of Cu2O nanomaterials leads to dramatic activity  enhancement for CO oxidation 2017 RSC Advances
张宁 9(通讯) Pd-Metalated  Conjugated Nanoporous Polycarbazoles for Additive-Free Cyanation of Aryl  Halides: Boosting Catalytic Efficiency through Spatial Modulation 2017 ChemSusChem
张宁 7(通讯) 1,1,3,3-Tetramethylguanidine immobilized on  graphene oxide: A highly active and selective heterogeneous catalyst for  Aldol reaction 2017 Catalysis  Communications
张秋兰 1 Competitive studies on the interaction of  nitrofuran antibiotics with bovine serum albumin 2017 RSC Advances
张秋兰 1 光谱法和AFM研究呋喃唑酮与BSA的作用机理 2017 分析科学学报
张荣斌 通讯编辑 A First-principles  Study on Pd Modified ZSM-12 Zeolites 2017 Microporous and  Mesoporous Materials,
张荣斌 1 Control Synthesis of  CeO2 Nanomaterials Supported Gold for Catalytic Oxidation of Carbon Monoxide 2017 Molecular Catalysis
张荣斌 1 Gold Supported on  Ceria Nanotubes for CO Oxidation 2017 Applied Surface  Science
张荣斌 张荣斌,仝塞,杨金美,唐纤秾,黄传庆,王学文,  冯 刚, 蔡建信 石墨烯负载镍催化CO2加氢甲烷化 2017 高等学校化学学报
张小勇 通讯编辑 Facile and highly  efficient fabrication of graphene oxide-based polymer nanocomposites through  mussel-inspired chemistry and their environmental pollutant removal  application 2017 Journal of Materials  Science
张小勇 通讯编辑 Recent progress and  advances in redox-responsive polymers as controlled delivery nanoplatforms 2017 Materials Chemistry  Frontiers
张小勇 通讯编辑 Marrying  multicomponent reactions and aggregation-induced emission (AIE): new  directions for fluorescent nanoprobes 2017 Polymer Chemistry
张小勇 通讯编辑 Rapid preparation of  branched and degradable AIE-active fluorescent organic nanoparticles via  formation of dynamic phenyl borate bond 2017 Colloids and Surfaces  B: Biointerfaces
张小勇 通讯编辑 Preparation of  PEGylated polymeric nanoprobes with aggregation-induced emission feature  through the combination of chain transfer free radical polymerization and  multicomponent reaction: Self-assembly, characterization and biological  imaging applications 2017 Materials Science and  Engineering: C
张小勇 通讯编辑 Ultrasonic-assisted  Kabachnik-Fields reaction for rapid fabrication of AIE-active fluorescent  organic nanoparticles 2017 Ultrasonics  Sonochemistry
张小勇 通讯编辑 Surface  polyPEGylation of Eu3+ doped luminescent hydroxyapatite nanorods through  the combination of ligand exchange and metal free surface initiated atom  transfer radical polymerization 2017 Applied Surface  Science
张小勇 通讯编辑 One-step synthesis,  self-assembly and bioimaging applications of adenosine triphosphate  containing amphiphilies with aggregation-induced emission feature 2017 Materials Science and  Engineering: C
张小勇 通讯编辑 Synthesis, surface  modification and biological imaging of aggregation-induced emission (AIE) dye  doped silica nanoparticles 2017 Applied Surface  Science
张小勇 通讯编辑 Preparation of  polymeric silica composites through polydopamine-mediated surface initiated  ATRP for highly efficient removal of environmental pollutants 2017 Materials Chemistry  and Physics
张小勇 通讯编辑 Marrying the mussel  inspired chemistry and Kabachnik–Fields reaction for preparation of SiO 2  polymer composites and enhancement removal of methylene blue 2017 Applied Surface  Science
张小勇 通讯编辑 Biomimetic PEGylation  of carbon nanotubes through surface-initiated RAFT polymerization 2017 Materials Science and  Engineering: C
张小勇 通讯编辑 Preparation of  AIE-active fluorescent polymeric nanoparticles through a catalyst-free  thiol-yne click reaction for bioimaging applications 2017 Materials Science and  Engineering: C
张小勇 通讯编辑 Fabrication and  biological applications of luminescent polyamidoamine dendrimers with  aggregation-induced emission feature 2017 Journal of the Taiwan  Institute of Chemical Engineers
张小勇 通讯编辑 Mussel-inspired  fabrication of functional materials and their environmental applications:  Progress and prospects 2017 Applied Materials  Today
张小勇 通讯编辑 Facile synthesis of  polymeric fluorescent organic nanoparticles based on the self-polymerization  of dopamine for biological imaging 2017 Materials Science and  Engineering: C
张小勇 通讯编辑 Construction of  biodegradable and biocompatible AIE-active fluorescent polymeric  nanoparticles by Ce (IV)/HNO 3 redox polymerization in aqueous solution 2017 Materials Science and  Engineering: C
张小勇 通讯编辑 Novel Strategy toward  AIE-Active Fluorescent Polymeric Nanoparticles from Polysaccharides:  Preparation and Cell Imaging 2017 ACS Sustainable  Chemistry & Engineering
张小勇 通讯编辑 A facile one-pot  Mannich reaction for the construction of fluorescent polymeric nanoparticles  with aggregation-induced emission feature and their biological imaging 2017 Materials Science and  Engineering: C
张小勇 通讯编辑 The combination of  mussel-inspired chemistry and surface-initiated redox polymerization for  surface modification of silica microspheres and their environmental  adsorption applications 2017 Journal of Molecular  Liquids
张小勇 通讯编辑 Aggregation-induced  emission active luminescent polymeric nanoparticles: Non-covalent fabrication  methodologies and biomedical applications 2017 Applied Materials  Today
赵丹 第五/通讯 Modulating Cu+  distribution on the surface of Ce-doped CuO composite oxides for  SO2-resistant NH3-selective catalytic reduction of NO 2017 RSC Advances
赵丹 第五/通讯 Directly constructing  Pt-, Pd-, or Au-based high index skins on Ag nanocubic templates from a  general surface-confined anisotropic etching strategy 2017 CrystEngComm(JCR化学大类JCR76)
赵晓宏 7 Effect of  substituents of twisted benzodiperylenediimides on non-fullerene solar cells 2017 Org. Electron.
郑湘娟 第一编辑 基于网络教学平台的PBL教学模式在物理化学实验教学中的实践 2017年第38卷第14期40-44 化 学 教 育
周美华 1 剥离MoS2负载TiO2的制备与甘油水溶液光催化制氢 2017 高校化学工程学报
庄欠粉 第一 One-step synthesis of graphitic carbon  nitride nanosheets with the help of melamine and its application for  fluorescence detection of mercuric ions 2017 Talanta

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